2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander

With Mitsubishi Motors’ legendary Super All‑Wheel Control, plus a 2.5L 4-Cylinder engine, 7‑passenger seating for the whole family, up to 2,000‑lb towing capacity and backed by the best warranty in the business, the Outlander is ready for adventure.


The dynamically redesigned exterior of the 2022 Outlander is as stunning as it is protective. The flat roofline is undeniably modern and sophisticated while the dynamic body exudes confidence.

New Design

The 2022 Outlander's design is as revolutionary on the inside as it is on the outside. The newly developed chassis offers enhanced stability and performance, embodying the Outlander's confident stance and powerful driving capabilities.

20" Wheels

Top-class, large-diametre 20'' wheels bolster the Outlander's impressive stance.

LED headlights and rear lights

LED headlights are strategically positioned to provide improved recognition from other drivers while offering better lighting across long distances. Plus, high-stability rear lights with T-shaped ends highlight the Outlander's impressive width and distinctive bearing.


Advanced comfort and an upper-class quality cabin are what make the Outlander stand out from the rest. It still delivers advanced performance, safety and technology, but has been expanded to accommodate 7 people and all of the adventures you have planned.

Third Row Seating

Party of seven? No problem. The Outlander has 7-passenger seating with storage for drinks and belongings and available rear heated seats to make everyone's drive enjoyable.

10-Way Seating Configuration

Imagine if your specific seating preferences could be just right, every time? Stop imagining. With 10-way seating adjustment options and memory seat function key-linked to each driver, the mirrors, digital cluster settings and the cushions all adjust to perfectly suit the driver's body.

Customizable Cargo Space

Not only does the Outlander offer up to 2,257 L (79.7 cu. ft.) of cargo space, but the wide door frame makes loading and unloading easier than ever. With the different customizable seating positions, you can fit long items and organize your cargo your own way.


The standard 7” driver display gives you quick and easy access to all the important information you need and Super All-Wheel Control drive modes at a glance. Upgrade your view with the available fully customizable 12.3" full digital driver display and view instant updates, navigation, entertainment options and much more. And as if that weren't enough, the Outlander has a conveniently large and customizable Head-up Display.

Convenience When You Want It

Use your smartphone to start your Outlander to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin; find your vehicle in a parking lot; or connect with the Mitsubishi Motors call centre instantly in emergency situations – any time and anywhere.

Ditch the Old-fashioned Map

Getting everywhere you need to go just got a lot easier. Instantly connecting with MI-PILOT Assist™ technology, the 2022 Outlander offers available embedded navigation with live traffic updates so you always pick the right route.

Advanced Bose® Sound System

The Outlander features an advanced Bose® sound system with 10 speakers and a digital subwoofer in 9 different spots around the vehicle.


To go along with the prowess of S-AWC, Outlander offers you a choice of two fuel-efficient powertrains: a smooth-running, 166-hp MIVEC 4-cylinder engine mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT); or a robust, 224-hp V6 with a 6-speed automatic and the ability to tow up to 1,588 kg (3,500 lbs.).* Both powertrains deliver confident, reliable and capable performance to take you effortlessly through city traffic or down country trails.

Outpacing the Competition

We’ve redeveloped the Outlander's 4-cylinder engine and incorporated cutting-edge features to achieve vastly improved engine output, torque, fuel economy and emissions. In other words, we’ve made a cleaner, more efficient engine that offers incredible performance while using less gas.

Electric Power Steering

Whether in a parking lot, on a short city trip or travelling long distances, the Outlander's improved dual-pinion electric power steering delivers a more pleasant and natural steering experience. Plus, with an increased adjustment range, telescopic steering provides enhanced comfort for every driver taking the wheel.

Newly Developed Suspension

The Outlander's newly developed suspension features lightweight and high-rigidity aluminum components, hollow stabilizing bars and anti-vibration support. The smooth ride we're known for just got even smoother, quieter and more comfortable.


For Mitsubishi Motors, safety isn't simply a set of features. In all our vehicles, safety is interwoven into performance, technology, design and even comfort. The 2022 Outlander takes this philosophy to new levels.

11 Standard Airbags

In addition to the typical six airbags, including front, front-side and curtain airbags, the Outlander adds an extra 5 airbags. These additional airbags protect front driver and passenger knees and rear-side passengers. And the eleventh front-centre airbag is there for protection where the worst injuries happen and peace of mind for all on every drive.

Multi View Camera System (MVCS)

With the Multi-View Camera System, you get a 360° camera view of your Outlander so you can park with confidence and ease. The cameras mounted on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle combine to form a view from above plus additional multiple angles.

Blind Spot Warning (BSW)

When a vehicle is approaching your blind spot, a warning light in the corresponding side mirror illuminates. If your turn signal is also on, the warning light blinks and the system beeps three times, signifying it is unsafe to change lanes.

Active Blind Spot Assist (ABSA)

The Blind Spot Warning feature detects other vehicles that the driver may not be able to see and provides visual and audible warnings. The Active Blind Spot Assist further attempts to avoid collisions by gently applying the brakes and guiding the driver back into their original lane.

Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (Rear AEB)

Sonar sensors near Outlander's rear bumper can detect objects behind the vehicle. If something is near, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking issues an audible warning and attempts to stop the vehicle, reducing the chance of an accident.

Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM)

If the Outlander detects a car or pedestrian in front of the vehicle through the front radar and camera, a warning appears. If brakes are still not applied and the risk of collision is imminent, Forward Collision Mitigation applies the brakes.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Now easily accessible on the information display, the Outlander's Tire Pressure Monitoring System not only offers advice to improve fuel efficiency, but actually provides information on each individual tire so you know exactly how much to inflate them. Plus, when refilling the tires, the Outlander's horn honks to let you know you've reached the optimal pressure.

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