Service Advantages

Even the highest quality vehicles need to be serviced at some point. And while it can be tempting to stop by your local corner garage, it’s important to understand the unique advantages of visiting your dealership every time your vehicle needs service. The price difference less than you might expect, and the quality of service you’ll get at Queensway Mitsubishi can save you money in the long run.

Expert Technicians

At Queensway Mitsubishi, our expert technicians are trained to meet the high standards of the manufacturer. Our technicians are also highly knowledgeable about your exact Mitsubishi model, meaning you can expect the best service possible on everything from routine maintenance to major repairs.


If you purchased a new car and it is still under warranty, your local dealership will be able to access the warranty right away and begin working on your car. This could save you a lot of time, energy and frustration that you would otherwise be using to fill out paperwork or getting the warranty transferred.

Products in Stock

If you are doing basic maintenance, your dealership will be likely to have the products and parts needed to perform the work without having to order them. This will get your car back to you sooner and you will not need to pay for shipping costs.

Familiarity with Your Vehicle

Vehicles are made differently and you want someone who is familiar with your type of vehicle working on your car. Dealers who sell your car should be more familiar with your make and model than other mechanics. The nicest thing about getting your car serviced at the dealership is that you will be familiar with their style of work and their location. You will not have to worry about looking in the phone book for mechanical work to be done.

Customer Satisfaction

Dealerships are required to deliver service that meets a high standard set by the brand they’re affiliated with. Because of this, you can always expect to receive the best service possible when you come to Queensway Mitsubishi.

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