Why OEM Parts?

What does OEM mean?

OEM refers to your automobile parts & accessories and stands for Original Equipment Manufacture. Believe it or not, a good portion of the parts and accessories found in a new vehicle at the dealership are not produced by your vehicle’s manufacturer. The original parts found inside a Mitsubishi vehicle were made specifically by a company, or OEM who is a subcontractor to Mitsubishi Motors.

Why OEM?

When you are searching for parts and accessories for your vehicle, you have the option of OEM certified parts or aftermarket parts. Queensway Mitsubishi carries OEM certified parts & accessories to provide you:

Less time searching through a wide range of aftermarket parts with poor quality material, by providing you with a limited selection of high quality brands.
High performing parts that are the same as the one you are having replaced.
Assurance that all parts you receive are created equal.
Correct fit and finish you expect for your new or used Mitsubishi vehicle.